RIA Branding Strategy

One of the most important aspects of a business, large or small is “Branding”.   A properly implemented branding strategy gives you a major advantage over your competition in the RIA market place. Your brand is the first impression people see and what they will associate with. It separates you and your business from the competition and should be a reflection of you and the values you represent. Therefore, your brand should be focused and targeted for your potential prospects and clients.

Logo Creation

The foundation of your brand begins with your logo. Your logo should be carefully thought out.  Areas that need to be addressed when choosing a logo include shape, color, size and scope.  The distribution channels you opt for will be led by your logo. Your logo should be visually and verbally appealing. A well-constructed logo has the potential to increase the demand for your RIA firm. Because of the increased demand you may be able to increase the amount charged for your services.

Brand Distribution

Once your logo has been established, you will want to aggressively distribute it on all of your collateral, website and social media mediums.  The more venues and mediums you are able to distribute your brand the better. Positive brand recognition drives business and protecting maintaining a positive brand reputation is jog number one on day one.